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Wireless Monitoring
& IPCLOUD Analytics

For Vacuum Sewer Systems

Receive mobile alerts and track operations of vacuum valves and stations for a complete control of your system.

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Take Control Over Complete Sewer System

Vacuum Valves

We provide wireless modules enabling regular supervision of household pressure relief valve operation for ROEVAC and AIRVAC vacuum sewerage systems.

Vacuum Stations

We collect vital data like alarm information, tank levels or motor statuses from your vacuum station's PLC system using Siemens PUT/GET and Modbus TCP protocols.

Additional Devices

We gather data from vacuum pressure and rainfall sensors, ensuring system stability and flaw detection. This enables hidden issues identification.

Easy Deployment

With effortless installation and high scalability, we can cover projects ranging from single units to hundreds of connected devices.


units installed per day

Long Lifespan

With LPWAN technology, our devices can operate steadily for up to ten years without the need for an external power source.

~10 years

battery lifespan

Save Costs

We assist municipalities and companies in eliminating unnecessary costs and optimizing technical workforce deployments.


cost stavings

Top-Notch Hardware With Extreme Endurance

We have extensive experience in designing and developing hardware solutions.

LoRa DevicesLoRa Devices

LoRa Devices

Essential to dependable sewage monitoring, wireless LoRa modules serve as core components. They record valve failure states, the number and duration of opening/closing, and detect the flood level of the valve pit accumulation area.

LoRa GatewaysLoRa Gateways

LoRa Gateways

Ensuring a robust LoRaWAN signal is paramount for our operations. Meticulously designed gateways empower our clients to establish a dedicated network, not only for sewage monitoring but also for other systems throughout the municipality.

Custom SensorsCustom Sensors

Custom Sensors

You can obtain reliable information only from reliable sensors, which led us to our own production. Our magnetic sensors have undergone extensive development based on practical experience. They are compatible with all vacuum systems.

Cloud Solutions for Monitoring Management

The IPCLOUD application handles the storage of all measured data and alarms.

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Device Statistics

Clear statistics provide an overview of the entire system and enable quick problem identification.


Interactive Map

The interactive map provides an overview of all connected sensors and their respective alarm status.


Device Registry

A complete list of all sensors allows easy and clear navigation, including advanced search options.


Sensor Overview

Explore a detailed sensor overview for comprehensive and real-time monitoring.


Measurements History

Access a thorough measurements history for in-depth analysis and strategic insights.


Alarms History

Review alarms history to track system behavior and improve operational efficiency.

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Analytics Preview

Sewage Analytics

Explore an insightful sewage overview for a holistic understanding of the system.


Data Evaluation

Leverage sewage analytics for informed decisions and proactive system optimization.


Geodata Visualization

Transform data into intuitive visuals for enhanced insights and planning.

Your Trusted Partner for Successful Project Delivery

We are with you from design and installation to long-term collaboration.


Project Preparation

We rely on years of experience, ensuring you receive a high-quality, completly customized project proposal.

Production and Assembly

Thanks to our in-house development and manufacturing capabilities, we can tailor the monitoring to specific needs.

Technical Support

Providing monitoring is not where our work ends. We are ready to be your long-term partner and support, for you and your clients.

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